Develop It Yourself I am happy to announce my first book
“Develop It Yourself: SharePoint 2016 Out-Of-The-Box Features
is now released and available for purchase on Amazon.
In a nutshell, SharePoint provides building blocks to create and manage integrated portals, offering a platform for team members to work together to enhance productivity.

Having said that, yet most of the users still find it difficult to figure out the core functionality provided by SharePoint and most importantly is to use as per their requirements.

The aim of Develop It Yourself: SharePoint Out-Of-The-Box Features is to provide you with a basic knowledge to use the tools and features of SharePoint and to develop effective business solutions through it.

This book is filled with real-world examples, tips and exercises to help you understand the real power of SharePoint. I’ve tried my best to keep it simple yet interesting for you to dive straight into SharePoint and emerge as a winner claiming—

Yes, You can Develop It Yourself


Kindle Edition (Global)
Paperback (Only USA)
ISBN-10: 1540640906
ISBN-13: 978-150640901

Publisher: Self-Published

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