Author of "Develop It Yourself"

Dinesh Gautam (likes to be called just Gautam) has been a Principal SharePoint Consultant for many years. He has been working with SharePoint implementations, customization and administration since 2006.

He assists his clients in encouraging user adoption and embedding a sense of excitement in the business regarding SharePoint. He liaises between the business users and IT teams on all requirements to detect business opportunities where SharePoint can be leveraged.

He also helps his clients to score quick wins and provide a road-map to achieve substantial functionalities using SharePoint. He has extensive experience in planning, scoping, and developing SharePoint solutions using out of the box (OOTB) functionalities without much customization or code.

He strongly believes in the ideology of 80-20 rule i.e. providing solution minimum 80% based on SharePoint’s out-of-the-box capabilities without writing any code and maximum 20% customization wherever required.

He stays with his wife in Mumbai, India and loves to travel. He is quite passionate about traveling on-site to work closely with clients and meeting people from various cultures.

He is a Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE) in SharePoint and is certified in SQL Server and .NET.

He just self-published his first book, “Develop It Yourself: SharePoint 2016 Out-Of-The-Box Features”.

The aim of Develop It Yourself: SharePoint Out-Of-The-Box Features is to provide you with a basic knowledge to use the tools and features of SharePoint and to develop effective business solutions through it.

It will not only save you time, but also give you an edge when choosing the quick wins to wow your organization.