Develop It Yourself

  • How many OOTB web parts available in SharePoint 2016
  • “What and How” will it help me as an Individual or Organization
  • Is it really that simple to Develop It Yourself

This book explores the out-of-the-box (OOTB) web parts and few features in details to bypass theoretical definitions of SharePoint. It will not only save you some time but also give you an edge choosing the quick wins to wow your organization.


Chapter 1: Out-of-The-Box Web Parts
This section describes all various groups of Web Parts that exist in SharePoint 2016. This section gives detailed information on how specific types of Web Parts can be configured to get the desired outcome.

Chapter 2: Out-of-The-Box Web Parts in Action
This section provides step-by-step, How-To, instructions to implement most widely used OOTB web parts in real-world scenarios. These web parts enable teams to present information on their sites to users in many different ways.

Chapter 3: SharePoint 2016 Search Capability
This section explores the uses of searching information within local site collection and to search external sources to display the results along with local search results.

Chapter 4: SharePoint 2016 – Governance
This section provides an overview of content types along with managed metadata, term sets, and taxonomy. This section provides a high-level information needed to plan governance in their organization.

Chapter 5: SharePoint User Experience (UX)
This section provides the information on SharePoint navigation controls and quickly changing the look and feel of your site to enhance user experience.

Chapter 6: Extending Out-of-The-Box Functionality
This section introduces readers to creating custom forms and workflows for a list using Microsoft Designer 2013